Scorciatoie Altri Comandi


CTRL + 1 Front
CTRL + 2 Back
CTRL + 3 Left
CTRL + 4 Right
CTRL + 5 Top
CTRL + 6 Bottom
CTRL + 7 Iso
CTRL + 8 Normal to
A Command Option Toggle
C Expand/Collapse Tree
E Filter Edges
N Next Edge
V Filter Vertices
X Filter Faces
Y Accept Edge
F1 Help
F2 Name edit mode
F5 Toggle Selection Filter Toolbar
F6 Toggle Selection Filter
Arrow Keys Move Drawing View Up, Down, Left, Right
SHIFT + F1 What’s this?
CTRL + TAB Cycle between documents-forward
CTRL + SHIFT + TAB Cycle between documents-backwards
CTRL + F6 Next window
CTRL + F4 Close window
CTRL + Q Force Regen To Top Level Of Assy
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + H Make Horizontal
ALT + R Edit dimension properties