3D Studio MAX Shortcuts – Snaps Action Table

Scorciatoie per Autodesk 3ds Max

Snap to edge / segment toggle ALT + F10
Snap to endpoint toggle ALT + F8
Snap to face toggle ALT + F11
Snap to grid points toggle ALT + F5
Snap to midpoint toggle ALT + F9
Snap to pivot toggle ALT + F6
Snap to vertex toggle ALT + F7
Main UI
Adaptive degredationtoggle O
Align ALT + A
Angle snap toggle A
Arc rotate view mode CTRL + R
Auto key mode toggle N
Background lock toggle ALT + CTRL + B
Backup time one unit ,
Bottom view B
Camera view C
Clone CTRL + V
Cycle active snap type ALT + S
Cycle selection method CTRL + F
Cycle snap hit ALT + SHIFT + S
Default lighting toggle CTRL + L
Delete object .
Disable viewport D
Display ALT + X
Enviroment dialog toggle 8
Expert mode toggle CTRL + X
Fetch ALT + CTRL + F
Forward time one unit .
Front view F
Go to end frame END
Go to start frame HOME
Hide cameras toggle SHIFT + C
Hide geometry toggle SHIFT + G
Hide grids toggle G
Hide helpers toggle SHIFT + H
Hide lights toggle SHIFT + L
Hide particle system toggle SHIFT + P
Hide shapes toggle SHIFT + S
Hide space warps toggle SHIFT + W
Hold ALT + CTRL + H
Isometric user view U
Left view L
Lock user interface toggle ALT + F10
Material editor toggle M
Maximize viewport toggle ALT + W
MAXscrips listener F11
New scene CTRL + N
Normal Align ALT + N
Open file CTRL + O
Pan view CTRL + P
Pan viewport I
Percent snap toggle SHIFT + CTRL + P
Perspective hightlight P
Place hightlight CTRL + P
Play animation /
Quick align SHIFT + A
Quick render SHIFT + Q
Redo scene operation CTRL + Y
Redo viewport operations SHIFT + Y
Redraw all views
Render last F9
Render scene dialog toggle F10
Restrict plane cycle F8
Restrict to X F5
Restrict to Y F6
Restrict to Z F7
Save file CTRL + S
Scale cycle CTRL + E
Select all CTRL + A
Select ancestor PAGE UP
Select and move W
Select and rotate E
Select by name H
Select child PAGE DOWN
Select children CTRL + PAGE DOWN
Select invert CTRL + PAGE I
Select none CTRL + D
Selection lock toggle SPACE
Set key mode
Set keys K
Shade selected faces toggle F2
Show Floating dialogs CTRL + ‘
Show main toolbar toggle ALT + 6
Show safeframes toggle SHIFT + F
Show selection bracket toggle J
Snap to frozen objects toggle ALT + F2
Snaps toggle S
Snaps use axis constraints toggle ALT + D / ALT + F3
Sound toggle \
Spacing tool SHIFT + I
Spot / directional light tool SHIFT + 4
Sub-object level cycle INSERT
Sub-object selection toggle CTRL + B
Top view T
Transform gizmo size down
Transform gizmo size up =
Transform gizmo togggle X
Transform type-in dialog toggle F12
Undo scene operations CTRL + Z
Undo viewport operations SHIFT + Z
Update background image ALT + SHIFT + CTRL + B
View edged faces toggle F4
Viewport background ALT + B
Virtual viewport pan down NUMPAD 2
Virtual viewport pan left NUMPAD 4
Virtual viewport pan right NUMPAD 6
Virtual viewport pan up NUMPAD 8
Virtual viewport toggle NUMPAD /
Virtual viewport zoom in NUMPAD +
Virtual viewport out NUMPAD –
Wireframe / smooth + hightlights toggle F3
Zoom exstends all selected Z
Zoom exstends all SHIFT + CTRL + Z
Zoom exstends ALT + CTRL + Z
Zoom in 2X ALT + SHIFT + CTRL + Z
Zoom mode ALT + Z
Zoom out 2X ALT + SHIFT + Z
Zoom Region Mode CTRL + W
Zoom Viewport in [ / CTRL + =
Zoom viewport out ] / CTRL + –